November 21, 2009

Do not traumatise, do it correct, setting of male catheter

Safe and Correct Way in the Insertion of Urethral Catheter for Males

By Yakob Abdul Rahman Wilhelm Scholer

In my many years of practice I have observed the worst in the insertion of catheters for male patients. Traumatisation may cause bleeding, inflammation to total blockage of the urethra, resulting in the necessity for supra-pubic catheterisation.

This is absolute unnecessary as a very simple method can help avoid unfavourable condition.

Every doctor or nurse who knows the male anatomy of the urethral system realises the lope near the prostate gland. It is usually here that the insertion tends to get difficult as the catheter has to ‘find its way’ around that lope thereby entangling itself or become bent if the catheter is very soft and small.

The trick that solves the problem is simple. Just place a small cushion a role-up towel under the pelvis before you proceed with the catheterisation procedure.

It is highly recommended to use the same role before removing the catheter.

This trick was taught to me on my first posting to a male urological ward. The chief nurse a very experienced person, made sure that no traumatisation would ever occur.

I, after 52 years in Nursing can assure you that I had never even once, when applying the above method met any problem in inserting a catheter.

Good luck!

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